SBG International | Manufacturer & Exporter of Glazed Porcelain Tiles, Wall Tiles, Soluble Salt, Double Loading, PGVT & GVT, Wooden Strips.

SBG International
competitive in Home solutions!

SBG International launched with the mission to create a new generation of Wall, Gvt/Pgvt, Slab, porcelain, Full Body & Double Charge that are the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality.

We are an innovative company in the field of unique designs and premium surfaces with strong focus on quality. Our unique luxurious tile designs and replica of natural marble stone in porcelain tiles using the cutting-edge technology are our areas of expertise.

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Porcelain Tiles

Beyond all bounds, taking ceramic as far as it can go, telling its stories and evoking the emotional impact of color. Discover our products.

Slab Tiles

To connect the brand with the target audience, it is necessary to observe each shape, color, font and style that will compose a subconscious message.

Wall Tiles

When you look around yourself, there are so many things which are extremely beautiful and attractive. But you have never thought about the world behind the beauty and attraction.

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SBG International comes in a variety of sizes and appearances, which makes it a versatile option for the interior and exteriors of your home.

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Design Flexibility

SBG International easily impart a decorative look to any setting. They may be used in large expanses or even smaller stretches like frames and border.

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High Quality

Cost effective, easy to install, ability to create your own bespoke designs – they’re just three reasons why renovators the world over love ceramic tiles.

We export globally.

With its decade long experience in the manufacturing & Export of ceramic and Wall tiles assures the surety of high quality of floor tiles, porcelain tiles, large scale slabs, full body, double charge, and Gvt/Pgvt.

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